Enjoying an Eco-Friendlier Summer

During summer, a lot of us go into “down time” mode. This is the type of laid back thinking that kills stress levels and allows people to enjoy relaxing in the sun without care. Unfortunately, this also means that a lot of the values people had during the school year also go into hibernation mode. Sometimes this can be okay, but in terms of the environment, you still need to be consciousness.

Before your summer even begins, you should reference an eco friendly almanac Hudson NY. This can provide you with valuable information that can be transferred to your summer time plans.

Planting A Garden

Another way to keep your summer eco-friendly is to plant a garden. There are many benefits to growing your own produce – both for yourself and the environment. Here are just a few of those benefits:

·    Getting outside reduces the symptoms of anxiety and depression

·    Growing produce reduces the need of bringing food into your local area, which reduces the local carbon footprint

·    No packaging is necessary, which reduces landfills

·    There is a profound sense of pride involved in growing something yourself

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During Summer Travels

When traveling this summer, you can be ecofriendly, too! Bring your own shampoos and toiletries in small, reusable bottles. This will reduce the amount of small hotel toiletries that are used and quickly thrown away. When possible, wear certain clothing items like jeans or sleepwear twice before you wash them. Try using mass transportation methods when possible and seek stays at hotels which are eco-friendly. You can find them by searching online.

At The Beach or In The Woods

Whenever you go outdoors for an adventure, make sure you carry out all trash with you. Pack lunches in washable containers, not plastic bags. Also, walk or take the bus instead of drive whenever possible.